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The name of that location refers both to a river flowing in Ukrainian Polesye and to a city that became notorious due to Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster. Today, the city of Pripyat is a socially significant touristic location that is visited by thousands of tourists each year. You can go on the Pripyat tour with our company to get the full information and a backpack of emotions from the visit to that abandoned city. 

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Can I bring food to Pripyat?

Yes, you are welcome to bring some food and beverages with you. The only prescription is to take meals only when you are on the bus or in some vehicle. Besides, you can take a meal in one of the Chernobyl canteens. It is fully safe.

Is it possible to take any artefact as a souvenir from the Zone?

It is strictly prohibited to take any item from the Zone. The same concerns leaving debris or modern items in the Zone.

Is my radiation level under control when I'm visiting Pripyat?

You have to get through the monitoring point both before you go to Pripyat and after you leave it. In practice, the level of radiation a tourist can get while lurking the Exclusion Zone is extremely low. Also, you will have individual dosimeter with you.

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    What to See in Pripyat Tour?

    Tours to Pripyat include all the main locations related to the Chernobyl accident. But not only them. To begin with, there are both water routes along the river and walking routes. In our company, you can order both types of Pripyat guided tours, depending on your preferences.

    The city itself has retained all the attributes of the Soviet past. If you want to know how people lived in this region 30 or 40 years ago, you will not find a better open-air museum than that abandoned location. As part of a full-day tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat from Kyiv, you can see both the streets of an abandoned city and sites inside various buildings, from residential apartments abandoned by evacuated residents to the Lazurny pool, where life was in full swing after the accident. The abandoned locations are incredibly photogenic, in which you can imagine the scenes of the everyday life of people forced to leave their homes in April 1986.

    Another feature of modern Pripyat tours is the spirit of the times. It is embodied not only in abandoned houses with drafts blowing here and there but also in modern graffiti, which looks frightening and atmospheric.

    In addition, you can visit the famous amusement park, one of the symbols of the Chernobyl disaster. Also during the trip to Pripyat, you will visit:

    • Interiors of an abandoned hospital and kindergarten, where there are still pieces of furniture, equipment, gas masks of the rescuers who extinguished the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
    • The Bridge of Death, so cinematically shown in the TV series Chernobyl.
    • The Rusty Forest is a natural area that was hit by the main radiation hit after the explosion.
    • High-rise buildings, unique objects that amaze the imagination.

      We will select for you Kyiv-Pripyat tours according to your taste and preferences. Walking, car, water routes, helicopter tours — you can order all this in our company. 

    Is It Safe to Go to Ukraine Pripyat Tour?

    Most often, clients are worried about whether a visit like that will affect their health? Even 20 years ago, this question was natural. But time passes, and today the level of radiation in the most famous tourist locations meets the standards. Moreover, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, our company strictly adheres to the sanitary rules and WHO requirements regarding the rules for transporting tourists and holding public events. This allows us to declare that the Pripyat tour from our company is completely safe to visit.

    Terms and Conditions for Tours to the Zone

    What does a tourist need to know about a visit to the Exclusion Zone? First of all, the place from where your journey starts. We meet all tourists in Kyiv, the capital of the country, and at the same time, a place that is just a few hours’ drive from the Exclusion Zone.

    All trips, both group and private, are accompanied by experienced guides who know all tourist routes and are able to surprise even a connoisseur of the history of Chernobyl with their stories.

    Of course, if you choose a walking route along Pripyat, you should take care of comfortable clothes and shoes. It is best to choose comfortable trekking equipment that does not hinder your movements. It is better to choose strong shoes because abandoned locations are replete with nails and shards of glass.

    There are also peculiarities for behaviour during a tour:

    • It is forbidden to put equipment and any other things on the ground — they may be contaminated with radiation.
    • It is forbidden to take out any items from the Exclusion Zone. When passing the monitoring point, you will have to leave or deactivate all items contaminated with radiation.
    • Photography in the Zone is allowed. But for filming with a drone, you need to get a separate permit.

    We will dwell on all these issues in detail when we instruct you before the tour to Pripyat.

    As for the Pripyat tour prices, it depends on the type of the trip, the number of people in the group for group tours, the features of the route you have chosen. You can find out more about the Pripyat tour cost from our managers.

    The Ukrainian Pripyat tour is an unusual experience worth trying for anyone interested in the history of the nuclear industry in general or the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in particular.