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A journey on holiday to Chernobyl is a cool idea for lots of people. If you are bored of standard weekends or celebrations, let’s add a bit of extreme to your life. Maybe it sounds a little provocative but the Chernobyl tour on holidays will leave you impressed for a long time.

In our company, we do know how to arrange special events and to combine them with an emotional yet interesting journey to the Exclusion Zone.


1-3 days

18+ Age


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Is there any special program you offer for a holiday in Chernobyl?

We can discuss the format of your trip and add to it some special offers when you choose a private tour. Besides, we develop special group programs dedicated to a certain date.

Is it safe to visit this location during holidays.

Chernobyl zone is uninhabited except of a small group of specialists working here. So visiting this direction on holidays is no less safe than on any other day.

Can I make an engagement proposition in Exclusion Zone?

Hey! You are real romantic! We would be glad to share that happy moment with you providing you with the most emotional and interesting tour.

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    Why Are Chernobyl Holidays so Special?

    We have collected several reasons why our offers to spend holidays in Kyiv with the Chernobyl tour is worth your attention. 

    • In that calm and abandoned place, all the feelings become sharper and you’ll get maximum emotional reload while you lurk ChNPP and Pripyat.
    • For those, who are tired of conventional holidays on resorts or in European capitals, holidays in Chernobyl will be a fresh breath. You may feel the difference at your first steps and you’ll definitely like it.
    • As we offer a diversity of trips, you can choose the option you’ll be fully pleased with. It could be a full-fledged tour that lasts for several days or just a one-day visit i.e. on St. Valentines Day or on New Year Eve. 
    • Chernobyl holidays differ from conventional trips. We always try to add something special to them. Depending on the date, we make programs that amaze even the most sophisticated traveller.

    Our Chernobyl Holidays Trips Offer

    As experts in the Exclusion Zone, we ourselves spent a lot of time in Chenobyl. During this time, we have fully explored all the sites of the area, laid out tourist routes that pass through the most impressive locations. Moreover, our guides are always ready to share with you the most incredible stories and legends of Chernobyl.

    We have offers, both group and private options for the journey to the Zone. What’s the difference, you may ask?

    • If you like a company that can share impressions, communicate and share all the emotions, a group tour will be a great option for you. Such visits can be organized both for a large family and for a group of friends, classmates, in the format of a corporate outing event to unite your team. Group tours can be combined, that is, you take part in it on an equal basis with other people. This also has its own charm because getting into an extreme environment brings you closer and allows you to establish friendly relations with other members of your touristic group.
    • • Private tours are an opportunity to feel more deeply all the emptiness and tragedy of this place. And our clients often choose this option if they need to spend a special, personal holiday. A tour like this could be a surprise birthday treat for a fan of the Exclusion Zone or HBO TV series. 

    We will gladly find both the type of tour and the route for you. We have both walking tours and water trips around Chernobyl. In any case, you will remember the extreme holidays in Chernobyl for a long time.

    It is very easy to book such a trip. Contact our managers and we will select the best dates and conditions for you. All travel begins in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. You just need to buy tickets, fly to Kyiv, and we will take care of further transfers, services and troubles.