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Chernobyl tours have been in demand among fans of extreme tourism for over 20 years. An incredible location, tragic history along with busted interest after the release of the HBO series — all this makes Chernobyl tours very interesting and in-demand travelling option nowadays. At the same time, many people are afraid of a visit to this part of the Ukrainian Polissya. But we will debunk the most untrue myths about tours to Chernobyl and show you the most unusual places of this location, which is known as one of the largest man-made disasters of the twentieth century.
What to See on Our

Tour to the Exclusion Zone and ChNPP?

The first question our clients usually ask about that location is what to see there? Let’s start with the Polissya region that is known for its relict woods and picturesque riversides. Even though the explosion on the nuclear power plant damaged that natural oasis in a great way, you’ll be fully amazed by its untouched beauty.

And then we come further. There are 10+ sites tourists will appreciate the most. We’ll list only some of them to you to keep a bit of curiosity for your future Ukraine Chernobyl tour experience.

  • The city of Pripyat was the closest neighbourhood to the nuclear power plant. Today it is among the most famous ghost cities where all stayed as-is for three decades already.
  • If you have already interested in the Catastrophe theme, you have seen the image of Pripyat’s Amusement Park. Its Ferris wheel is among the most popular symbols of the Catastrophe.
  • The Death Bridge is a legendary location. During the accident at the ChNPP, a cloud of radionuclides covered this place and the background radiation reached 600 Roentgens per hour. It was believed that a person who crossed this bridge would certainly die in a few days. Of course, this is all fiction, but that is why they gave it such a name.
  • Radar Station DUGA 1 is also an impressive construction reminiscent of the Cold War. You may be overwhelmed with its dimensions and look. The location for this unique defence complex is not accidental as DUGA 1 required an extremely high level of electricity for its supply.

    Besides these sites that are on everyone’s lips, the tour to Chernobyl will surprise you with lots of interestingnesses. Just join us in our regular Kyiv to Chernobyl tours to get the whole impression from the Exclusion Zone.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are tours to Chernobyl safe?

We fully guaranty the safety of every tourist travelling to the Zone in our company. We offer only radiation-free locations to visit and provide the full guidance to keep you safe and sound during the trip.

Can you visit the ChNPP elephant's foot?

Due to the high level of gamma-radiation, that object is hazardous for visiting. That’s why taking excursions right to the elephant’s foot is fully impossible. Yet there are lots of other tremendous sights to look there.

Are journeys to ChNPP legal?

Yes this territory is opened for tourism. But there are some restrictions you should follow when visiting the Exclusion Zone. It is prohibited to visit the Zone without professional guidance and preliminary informing security guards at checkpoints for getting access to that territory.

Is Chernobyl still uninhabitable?

Due to the hazardous situation with the Exclusion Zone, most of its territory is still uninhabited including Chernobyl city itself. In the whole Exclusion Zone, no more than 200 inhabitants are living illegally.

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