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Tours to Chernobyl have long been known for their amazing combination of safety and touch to one of the largest man-made disasters of the past. 10 years after the tragedy of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, many extreme sports enthusiasts began their journey in the passage of routes through the radioactive territory. Then it was unsafe, and daredevils acted illegally.

But now you can travel to Chernobyl completely legally, without health risks. What was the tipping point? Many were apprehensive about travels to Chernobyl, due to possible exposure to radiation. After the explosion of the reactor, the Exclusion Zone became unsuitable not only for life but also for a temporary stay on its territory. But time has passed, and nature has cleared up to the point that can be called safe for tourists. For more than 10 years, regular tourist groups have been plying in the direction of Chernobyl, and every year more and more opportunities for visiting key locations appear.


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What’s so special about travelling to Chernobyl? This place is considered the focus of human carelessness to their own kind. But that’s not all. These are also picturesque abandoned locations that will not leave anyone indifferent. It is the beauty of nature destroyed by the peaceful atom and a monument to the communist heritage. From a tourism point of view, Chernobyl travel offer many opportunities at once:

  • See what the cities of the USSR looked like back in 1986, because in the locations everything has remained unchanged since the exodus from the whole constructions site to the furnishing of single apartments.
  • Visiting the most secret locations in the nuclear power industry is an incredible experience, and in real life, you will hardly be able to get admission to this type of power plant.
  • Looking at the destruction and abandoned locations such as DUGA 1 or the Ferris wheel in Pripyat is an amazing experience that will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the past.

In the end, this is an incredible sensation of the Apocalypse here and now, which cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it real to get on the Ferris wheel in Pripyat?

A: We are sorry but that’s unreal to perform it. Due to 3 dozen years passes since the Catastrophe, it is not safe to get on the Ferris wheel. 

Q: Are your tours comfortable for a romantic trip?

A: Lots of our Ukrainian clients have chosen Chernobyl for their love confessions as this place represents the eternity of the human’s soul and the faithfulness that are a part of love. So you are welcome to make your love claims in Chernobyl.

Q: What is the level of X-ray I can get when travelling Chernobyl?

A: The amount of radiation that a person is exposed to when visiting the Chernobyl zone is approximately the same as on a long flight.


Travel to Chernobyl with Comfort from the UK

If you are concerned about your own safety during such an extreme trip, rest assured that our Chernobyl travel guide will always be at your hand. We employ only experienced guides, who are survival specialists besides their main qualification and an amazing ability to share the most exciting stories about Chernobyl. They are Chernobyl experts who have studied this Zone from A to Z.

What do we do to keep our customers safe?

  • Only safe transport that will bring you to Chernobyl and take you back to Kyiv after a busy day of excursions.
  • Accompaniment of a guide who knows his business and has already taken thousands of people to Chernobyl.
  • Preliminary registration of official passes to the Exclusion Zone and legal passage of checkpoints with the registration of all members of the group.
  • Regular examination and measurement of radiation with a dosimeter, so that you can be sure that you are not in an infected area.
  • Insurance for every tourist is included in the price.

We use a professional approach developed over the years of practice of excursions to the Exclusion Zone. With us, you can travel to Chernobyl safely.


The Best Pricing for Travels to Chernobyl

As usual, there are several questions we receive from our clients. Besides the most common one that sounds like is it safe to travel to Chernobyl, we have also lots of questions about the pricing for these tours.

Let’s talk a bit about the cost. What is included in the estimated cost for your travel to Chernobyl? It is your safe transportation using special kinds of vehicles as there are lots of offroad kilometres to pass by. Besides, it is the pass we have to issue for every member of a group of visitors. Add to this guide’s services, a regular check-up for X-ray level and other, and that is what we get. We start our trip from Kyiv and end it also in the capital of Ukraine.

We offer you the most extreme feelings and we are glad to share with you all that rotten beauty that was ruined once by mankind’s levity.

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